Live Safe! Work Smart!

Slips and trips

Title: Man trips over cord - Description: Illustration of a person's foot tripping over a long cord that is plugged into the wall.

Tape down cords so you don’t trip over them.

Title: Woman trips over open drawers - Description: Illustration of an office worker banging her knee into an open cabinet drawer.

Close drawers when you’re finished using them.

Title: Man slips down the stairs - Description: Illustration of a businessman falling down stairs with briefcase in the air for rushing too much near stairs.

Don’t rush on stairs.

Title: Janitor slips on wet floor - Description: Illustration of a janitor dramatically tripping over a bucket of water that has just spilled.

Don’t walk on wet floors.

Title: Man slips on a spill - Description: Illustrtation of a person tripping over a spill on the ground while walking with items in hand.

Clean up spills right away.

Title: Man slips on banana peel - Description: Illustration of a man slipping over a banana peel that was left outside the garbage bin.

Never leave things on the floor that someone can slip on.