Live Safe! Work Smart!

Be smart with electricity!

Title: An electrical outlet with too many plugs - Description: Illustration of an electrical outlet extension that has too many cords plugged into it.  There are yellow lightning bolts emanating from the cords to indicate that it is an electrical hazard.

Don’t overload an electrical outlet.

Title: Worker gets shocked by electrical outlets - Description: Colourful illustration of a person being electrocuted by loose wires on a power box.

Keep fingers or objects away from electrical outlets.

Title: A person unplugs cords correctly - Description: Illustration of a hand unplugging a cord from the wall plug.  He is pulling the cord correctly, from the plug end as opposed to the long end of the cord.

Unplug cords by pulling on the plug, not the cord.

Title: Two workers get shocked - Description: Illustration of two construction workers surrounded by yellow spiky rays to indicate that they have both been zapped by electricity.  The man on the right is holding two metal bars that have shocked him, and the man to his left has grabbed onto the other mans hand, so the electricity has flowed to him through the other man.

DON’T TOUCH someone who is being zapped with electricity!