Live Safe! Work Smart!

What would you do?

Look at the pictures and read the question below each one. When you have an answer, write “yes” or “no” beside the number for each picture. Why did you decide “yes, it’s safe” or “no, I need to stop and ask”?

Tall wooden ladder at of a construction site.

1.    Would you climb this ladder? ________________

Man in  carrying three tall boxes and tripping over a fourth box.

2.    Would you carry these boxes? ________________

Construction worker lifting a heavy bag on with his knees.

Man lifting heavy bag with his knees 

3.    Would you lift a bag this way? ________________

A worker's hand placed directly over the area of the wood where the saw will cut through from below.

4.    Would you use this saw? ________________

A kitchen worker carrying a tray full of dishes and walking through a puddle.

5.    Would you walk through this puddle? ________________

A complicated machine.

6.    Would you use this machine without training? ________________

Man balancing on a box on top of a chair 

7.    Would you stand on this chair? ________________

An uncovered syringe with purple liquid inside.

8.    Would you pick up this needle? ________________

Two women who are seated at a table with computers in front of them, facing each other.'

9.    Would you attend training? ________________

Hands being washed underneath a running tap.

10. Would you wash hands after handling chemicals? ________________