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It’s Your Job 2017-18 Student Video Contest

The Ministry of Labour has once again launched the It’s Your Job student video contest. It’s Your Job challenges Ontario’s secondary school students to create an original video that can be used in social media to illustrate the importance of working safely on the job. The contest provides a creative platform for youth to voice what they believe are the important workplace health and safety issues facing them and their peers.

Every year, we continue to be impressed by the outstanding videos that students have created. If you haven’t seen last year’s winning videos, we encourage you to visit the ministry’s website to watch them.

There is an optional theme for the 2017-18 contest: Impairment at work is everyone’s business. Students can create a video about how they would communicate with their peers to raise awareness of potential sources of workplace impairment (e.g. fatigue, lack of sleep, long hours, medications, alcohol, and drugs).

As with previous years, students also can create videos on:

All current Ontario secondary school students are eligible to participate, and the deadline to submit videos is March 2, 2018. The first place video will also go on to compete in the national It’s Your Job video contest organized by the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety.

Please visit the website for additional information including contest rules, entry forms and past winners.

Any questions about the contest can be directed to

Live Safe! Work Smart! Resources now available on Publications Ontario

The Ministry of Labour has made it easier and faster to access the Live Safe! Work Smart! resources. For your convenience, Live Safe! Work Smart! resources are now available free of charge through Publications Ontario.

Please visit to create an account and order your resources online. Search “Live Safe! Work Smart!” to select the resources you need. These will be shipped directly to the address you provide. 

While you are there, you may wish to explore the many other resources available from Publications Ontario.


Teachers and students appreciate a guest speaker who can reinforce key messages the teacher has already delivered to meet the health and safety requirements in the policy document. Some schools have established relationships with local experts to speak to their students. For those looking for community experts who can deliver a young worker safety awareness message for a school assembly or for the classroom, here are a few organizations to contact:

  1. Workplace Safety Prevention Services (WSPS) speakers - email or call toll free: 1-877-494-WSPS (9777)
  2. Threads of Life - Workplace Tragedy Family Support Association

Expanded Definition of Worker under the Occupational Health and Safety Act

Occupational Health and Safety Act coverage expanded to unpaid co-op students and learners in work placements, effective November 20, 2014. Learn more about the occupational health and safety act.

New collection of resources for student safety education

Updated! A 12 page collection [PDF 1.18  MB] of teacher-friendly, classroom-ready interactive safety games, videos, posters and other safety awareness materials was assembled as an update to the Live Safe! Work Smart! resource for cooperative education, but is also well-suited to Career and Guidance, Technical education, and any teacher or subject area looking for fresh ideas to educate students about workplace health and safety and employment rights and responsibilities.

New Employment Standards Challenge

These three case studies will challenge your students to calculate overtime, termination and public holiday pay due to three factious workers using the Ministry of Labour's new on-line 'calculators'. Students enter the facts of the case study in the calculators to determine how much money is owed to the workers. There is a employment standards teacher guide [PDF 31  KB] with answers and a employment standards student handout [PDF 30  KB]. The activity should take 30 minutes to complete.

Coop resource

The Live Safe! Work Smart! Resources for Cooperative Education and Other Forms of Experiential Learning is available for download in PDF format. This resource is designed to address the emerging needs of teachers arising from the Ministry of Education's expansion of cooperative education. It replaces the coop appendix document published back in 2002. Read more about coop education resources.

Resources for elementary school teachers

The 200-page full-colour resource, which is in both print and CD formats, will provide lessons and activities that emphasize the fundamentals of health and safety for students at home, school, work, while volunteering, and at play. All activities are curriculum-based, most meeting multiple cross-curricular expectations. Read more about resources for elementary school teachers.

Seven basic safety lessons

cover of Special Needs ResourceIf you need to teach students about health and safety, and have students with special needs or students who respond best to visual lessons and simple concepts, you can use our Live Safe! Work Smart! Resources for Teachers of Students with Special Learning Needs.

This coil-bound resource book provides seven simple and straightforward health and safety lessons designed, in consultation with life skills teachers, for use in teaching students who may be deaf, blind, have a learning disability, or simply need a different approach to learning. Read more on seven basic safety lessons.

NOTE: The resources available on this website may be out-of-date or not aligned with respect to the Ministry of Education's curriculum policy documents. Therefore, it might not be sufficient or suitable to be used for teaching and learning regarding health and safety. For current information on the Ontario Ministry of Education curriculum, please visit the Ontario Ministry of Education's website.

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