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Information Scavenger Hunt

The Ministry of Labour website and young workers webpage provide easy to access, complete information on both employment standards and health and safety rights and responsibilities of workers all in one place! There's information on minimum wage, what to do if injured at work, vacation pay, time off, how to talk to the boss about safety issues, what laws apply to young workers, as well as links to other important safety resources.

This site will be of particular interest to career and guidance teachers, co-op/work experience and Canadian law teachers. The site provides all the information your students need to complete assignments on workplace issues. It will also be useful in co-op pre-placement preparation.

Information scavenger hunt quiz

Turn the website into a learning experience: check out our information scavenger hunt quiz. It's a great tool to get your students thinking about the rules of the workplace. There are questions about both employment standards and health and safety written by Ministry of Labour experts. (Note: All the quizzes below pen open in a new tab or window)

Just download the quiz (PDF 45 kb) to print and copy for your students and a version with the answers (PDF 56 kb) for yourself, and send your students to the Ministry of Labour website to search for the answers.

A scavenger hunt quiz for students with special learning needs

Teachers have told us that some students will find the scavenger hunt too difficult to complete because there's just too much text for them to handle, so we created a shorter, more basic quiz. In the case there's just one file to download (PDF 66 kb) which provides the answers for you on the first page.

NEW! A scavenger hunt quiz for students in Grades 7 and 8

For Grade 7 and 8 teachers we've created a new scavenger hunt with questions more appropriate for students who have not started working yet. Download the version for your students (PDF 51 kb) and one with the answers (PDF 59 kb) and some instructions for you on the first page.

Grade 9 - 12 sections

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