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Young Worker Health and Safety: Fast Facts from the Institute for Work & Health

Studies show that the risk for job-related injury is higher among young workers - defined as those aged 15 to 24 - than it is among older employees. More than 39,000 young workers were injured on the job in Ontario in 2008.

The relationship between age and job injury is complex. Here are some current facts and figures from the Institute for Work & Health.

What are the employment patterns for young workers?

What risk is there that a young worker will be hurt on the job?

According to a Canadian health survey, adolescents and young adults are twice as likely to sustain a work injury as adults, and about 1.5 times as likely when you take into account the kinds of jobs young workers do and also their tendency to work part-time.

Why are young workers at higher risk for job-related injuries?

Working conditions

Lack of training and supervision

Note: In Ontario the Ministry of Labour has set out expectations for employers of young workers, publishing a list of what inspectors will be asking.

Are some young workers more likely to be injured at work than others?

A number of so-called “individual factors” including gender, age and maturity level have been identified as contributors to workplace injury in teens and young adults:

Note: This information has been excerpted from a briefing note from the Institute for Work & Health.

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